St Illtud's Galilee Chapel, St Illtud's Church, Llantwit Major

Renewing Britain’s Earliest Centre of Learning

The Project will provide:

  • Access to and interpretation of the nationally important collection of Celtic stones;
  • The conservation and restoration of a currently ruinous Grade 1 listed building;
  • A fully equipped educational centre for those involved in Celtic studies, including history, culture and spirituality;
  • The interpretation of St Illtud’s Church and its importance to the development of Christianity within Britain.

The Galilee Chapel will be a properly resourced educational in interpretative centre for the differing groups and individuals interested in the site both for its historical and spiritual significance. This would include

  • Schools;
  • Local groups;
  • University departments;
  • Professional associations;
  • Academic institutions;
  • Tourist and pilgrimage groups.

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