St Illtud's Galilee Chapel, St Illtud's Church, Llantwit Major

Stones Make Their Move

The 8th Century Celtic stones have made hopefully their final short journey into place in the Galilee Chapel. The shaft of the Illtud Cross, the Houelt Cross and the Samson Pillar have had an unsettled history – none more so than the Samson Pillar which is said to have fallen into a giant’s grave, nearly killing some mourners in the process. In 1789, locally renowned stonemason Iolo Morganwg discovered the stone in the unfortunate 7-foot 7-inch 17-year-old’s grave.

These photos record the stones’ short move from the West Church of St Illtud’s to the Galilee Chapel, with a sneak preview of how they will appear (taken during testing of the up-lights).